They’ve become folk festival favourites, having performed at major national festivals and being given the honour to share the stage with such world-class acts as Arrested Development, Dan Mangan, the Head and the Heart, and Rambling Jack Elliott. Their EP “Heart Contact” was released May 27, 2016 on Coax Records.

Heart Contact EP

e.s.l. is a folk pop quartet based out of Salt Spring Island and Vancouver featuring (from left to right, above):

Diona Davies
violin, vocals
(Geoff Berner, Po’ Girl, Carolyn Mark)

Tess Kitchen
trumpet, vocals
(The Wintermitts)

Marta Jaciubek-McKeever
lead vocals, piano
(Fan Death, Girl Nobody)

Joy Mullen
drums, vocals
(Cris Derksen, Fortresses)

Veering wildly between Polish cabaret and chamber pop, to playful hip hop jams, the enchanting women of e.s.l. spin songs that will catch your ear and entangle you in their spell. Ethereal vocal harmonies might evoke a late-night bar, with booty shaking beats, ballsy horns, lush string lines and no-holds-barred lyrics that convey a heartfelt reflection on life.

Since the band’s inception, it’s accumulated an impressive array of accomplishments. e.s.l. has performed at numerous festivals over the years, including Dawson City Music Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, Vancouver Island Music Festival, South Country Fair, Artswells, the PuSH Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival and Vancouver Folk Festival.

eye contact cover
e.s.l.’s critically-acclaimed debut album, “Eye Contact”, released on Jericho Records, has been on full rotation on the CBC as well as broadcast on the CBC Canada Live series. It has also been featured on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and countless Canadian television shows.

These players each possess a lifetime of musical experience and incredible talent. Together they produce a dynamic show that takes you from orchestral soundscapes to underground dance clubs with prohibition-era abandon. Onstage, years of cabin retreats and porch shows display a comfortable and trusting playfulness that only dear friends share.


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